Center Stage Korea in Brazil

2009 Center Stage Korea in Brazil


- Korean Contemporary Dance Week in Brazil-

Korea Arts Management Service and Government of Sao Paulo City co-organize Korean contemporary dance week in Brazil.

The Dog Floating in the Sky by LEE Tae-sang D.T.1
26(Thu)~27(Fri) November 2009 / Cacilda Becker / Sao Paulo


Cloud, disappeared just by one swirl of wind...satirizing the dreams and jealousies of humans

satirizes the dreams and jealousies of humans sat which is often played as a motive of satirical movements in the Korean Traditional Dance, Madang-nori. Picturing the sky and clouds, it was choreographed with sky and points. Beautiful clouds in the sky instantly fade out even with handful of wind, but fleecy clouds always carry presence of mind. was praised with its “stiffen physical beauty within a simple composition and the heavy but unique locomotion” of LEE Tae-sang. 


LEE Tae-sang's 'The Dog Floating in the Sky' is a kind of satirical dance which this young dance director performs humorously by combining the peculiar rhythmical poses with the dog image. The dance, which shows us our life picturized as a dog, or vice versa, like the Bruegel's paintings, represents an unusual subjective describing dance in our society.
- KIM Tae-won, Performing Arts & Review

LEE Tae-sang drew the satirical movements about the empty dreams of men, which was inspired from Madang-nori. Its music reminded me of the strolling players having both joys and sorrows of life.
- SHIM Jung-min, Performing Arts & Review

Mating Dance by Sungsoo Ahn Pick-up Group
26(Thu)~27(Fri) November 2009 / Cacilda Becker / Sao Paulo

Listening with Eyes of Sungsoo Ahn, 'Bolero' by Ravel

Sungsoo Ahn have made eight different version of dance pieces with Ravel's Bolero for the last ten years. The work is the most famous piece by Sungsoo Ahn Pick-up Group. In 2006, Sungsoo Ahn was nominated for the Benois de la Danse prize with and the group performed for the gala at Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. is 2009 version of . Bright and humorous piece of work which will give lots of joy to the eyes and ears of audience.

Sungsoo Ahn Pick-up Group was founded in 1991 when he was at the Julliard School in NY.
The 1st period (1991~96): The company members consisted of dancers who had worked in NY. They have performed at numerous places including The Joyce Theater, American Dance Festival, Central Park Summer Stage, Lincoln Center Out of Door Festival and Dance Theater Workshop.
The 2nd period (1998~present): He re-founded the company at Seoul in 1998. Sungsoo Ahn is working with dancers who have various background and sincerity more than dance technique.< SungsooAhn Pick-up Group> has pursued unique musical interpretation for dance and released new dance works every year. Particularly, in April 2006, the company performed at the Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow, Russia as a nominee for 'Prix Benois de la Danse' award.

Solo party by Blue Elephant
27(FRI)~29(SUN) November 2009 / CCSP (Centro Cultural SP)

In-Jung Jun, award-winning Korean choreographer based in Germany, invites a Brazilian public to her Soloparty. The stage is set like a private room – a bed, some plants, picture frames on the wall. Guests, that is the audience, are invited to take off their shoes, as is the custom in Korea, an sit on the floor - in this case, the dance floor.
In-Jung Jun moves between them, in the area between private and public, between inside and outside, between intimacy and isolation – her moving body a constantly changing point of reference for the public.
She lightly plays with different versions of herself, revealing something personal in one moment, taking it back in the next, or pushing the image to the point of absurdity.
Constantly interacting with In-Jung, the musician Simon Rummel plays various instruments – drum, viola, flute, melodica and glockenspiel. Korea-based video artists Oliver Griem contributes computer-generated images. Together, these artists weave a delicate structure where the pause is as important as the image, the musical phrase or the dance solo.

In-Jung Jun founded Blue Elephant Company in 2002. Here, artists of different fields come together, from dance and music to sculpture, painting and video art. The group’s works have been praised by critics for their original movement language, thrilling imagery and magical poetry. Blue Elephant productions have been invited by prestigious festivals such as Danse à Lille / Repérages (France), Tanztage Bern (Switzerland), and SIDance (Korea), and have also been selected for the cultural programme of the International Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany. With the German theater Tanzhaus NRW acting as co-producer, Blue Elephant Company has produced seven full-length dance evenings. The group has toured extensively in Korea, Germany and many other European countries.

About Three airs by PARK NA HOON COMPANY
28(SAT)~29(SUN) November 2009 / Cacilda Becker

 Jung Hwa Choi is more popular in overseas than in Korea, considered a strong point in this working. Through collaborating of modern art and dance, we will show new visual elements on stage and seek a new language of movement. Further, we will show new stage aesthetics.

The organisms filled with air show my pursuance symbolized by air ventilated. The story is about true, human lives of three extraordinary organisms that consist of air. Sometimes, in my life, some eccentric, stupid, and fake things touch my heart and are felt more realistic.
In the same vein, the extraordinary organisms’ thirsty for air comes more realistic to me, since the organisms’ act itself is unrealistic in fact.

Na hoon Park, a distinguished choreographer chosen by critics in 2004, works in collaboration with Jung hwa Choi, an icon of Korean modern art. Their work is a course of finding truth, hidden inside of objects and existing in reality in our lives.
Na hoon Park has been working actively not only as a choreographer but also as a lecturer. He was selected as a new and powerful artist by Arts Council Korea in 2003 that gave an opportunity to study and train in overseas and selected as an young and distinguished choreographer by critics in 2004 that granted him the prize of the best choreographer. In 2006, he was selected as the receiver of creation fund by Gyeonggi Culture foundation, choreographed and performed "Breath Play" under the support. Also, he has been teaching in Sung Kyun Kwan University and Dok Won Arts High School for years.


Circle-After the Other by Ahn Aesoon Dance Company
28(SAT)~29(SUN) November 2009 / Cacilda Becker

The choreographer, Ahn Aesoon seeks to talk about the direction of our culture through this work. With the influx of foreign culture, our culture’s quality rapidly changed and lost direction, gone abnormally. The choreographer wants to describe our current culture through the dance. The dance as an essence of freedom and life tries to continue its cycle, but the cultural changes which reflect our age outpace our bodies. Culture transforms dances and these dances collide with our bodies. The dance within our culture loses its pace. Through considering the recurring course of losing the intrinsic nature of dance, she asks the identity and essence of our dance in our cultural complexity. This is why the work reflects our distorted culture, though it is based on Korean characteristic music and movement. 'Circle-after the Other' was officially invited by famous festivals including Asia-Pacific Week in Berlin of 2005, the Singapore Arts Festival of 2004 and the Cervantino International Festival of 2004.

Ahn Aesoon Dance Company is one of the leading modern dancing organizations that has built its own characteristics with unique choreography and experience that combines Korean traditional culture and modern dance. It finds something to tell to Korean modern society through the impromptu nature, humor and Korean characteristics of Korean traditional play, and focuses on communicating with spectators living in this era. Ahn Aesoon cooperated internationally with MONTRÉAL DANSE, Jeune Ballet de France in choreography projects, and after winning the grand prize of Les Rencontres Choerégraphiques Internationales de Seine Saint-Denis in 1988 and her Company have been invited from World Dance Alliance Europe-Festival Global Dance 2002 in Desseldorf, Germany, Singapore Arts Festival, The Cervantino Art Festival in Mexico, Dance Collection Yokohama in Japan, Dance Biennale Tokyo, Arts Summit Indonesia 2007 and have been rated high.

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